Marketing Consultant Services

Target Market NYC is an alternative marketing agency that uses non-traditional marketing strategies and techniques to communicate directly with consumer audiences. We specialize in reaching consumers in both the online and offline worlds. 

Since Target Market NYC inception in 2001 we’ve watched the world of alternative¬†marketing grow to amazing and epic proportions. We combine tried and true traditional marketing with cutting edge methods and techniques once reserved for the risk taking few. Our world…the world of hi-tech digital, viral, social media and user generated content coupled with the low tech world of memorable guerrilla tactics, promotions, sampling, street teams and buzz. For us, the field of alternative marketing has never been more exciting.

Target Market NYC’s category experience is in auto, luxury goods, jewelry, electronics, technology and more. We’ve executed many cutting edge campaigns including product placement, guerrilla marketing, social media marketing, national advertising campaigns, direct response television, outdoor advertising, Internet marketing, celebrity endorsements, and so on. The companies we’ve worked with are world class and many of our campaigns have been featured on worldwide media outlets.

This is Target Market NYC!




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